Three modules that can be taken separately or together at your desired pace!



Module One: Beginner

This module aims to build up the skills required to become a good skipper. 

It is spread over four weeks, in which you´ll visit different ports and might even get to experience different boats!

Throughout the first month you´ll receive the following training...

  • Week 1: Competent Crew

  • Week 2: Day Skipper Theory

  • Week 3: Mile building

  • Week 4: Day Skipper Practical

Module Three: Advanced

The last month will be focused to get you to the Yachtmaster level in terms of knowledge both practical and theoretical as well as in getting miles.

You will experience skippering on passages longer than 60 miles and will get used to night sailing.

For this purpose the following activities will be taking place:

  • Week 9: Coastal Skipper Practical

  • Week 10: Mile building

  • Week 11: Coastal Skipper +

  • Week 12: Preparation for the exam

    *During this module you will plan and do your VHF & First Aid course. Both of which are required to be examined for Yachtmaster.

Module Two: Intermediate

The second month will aim to build up on your log with lots of mile building trips to other islands and to give you experience being in charge as skipper.

You will improve your skills to a higher standard and get the most important part, experience !

The second module includes the following plans throughout the weeks:

  • Week 5: Day Skipper +

  • Week 6: Mile building

  • Week 7: Coastal Skipper Theory

  • Week 8: Mile building

Yachtmaster Exam

The final week includes preparing for the exam and doing it! By this point you´ll be in familiar waters with a familiar boat and hopefully a crew you know well. This will help you to be more relaxed and do what you know.

There is an exam fee that must be paid to the RYA. It will depend on which exam you take, the Coastal (<60 N.M.) or the Offshore (<150 N.M.).

*The fast-track program includes all the accommodation, training material, marina fees, insurance & food on board required throughout the three months.


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