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At Club Yachting we are continuously working together to make it possible for all of you to have an excellent time and a good learning experience.

Our team of instructors will teach you the ropes so you can become a good sailor. Our skippers will take you sailing to the best destinations safely. Our team in land will answer all your questions and help you to arrange your trip. It's our pleasure to have you on board.

Welcome to the Club!




Ovidio Colmenares

Principal & Chief Instructor

Ovi completed his Fast track with Club Yachting and then went on to become a Yachtmaster Instructor teaching all levels of courses up to Yachtmaster Offshore for Sail.

After running Soul Sailors for a while he combined Club Yachting and Soul Sailors and now runs Club Yachting with his wife Judith.

With a relaxed teaching style he makes learning to sail fun, and relaxes those students preparing for Yachtmaster Exams.


Mike Stewart

Chief Powerboat, YMI  &
VHF Instructor 

Mike joined Club Yachting back in 2006 as a Cruising Instructor, shortly afterwards becoming a Yachtmaster Instructor for Sail and Power, as well as our Chief Instructor.

In 2013 he decided to go back to the UK – but Mike missed Tenerife so much that in 2016 he has returned to teach sailing, motor and powerboats.

As always he is a great asset to the team, and with his depth of experience, a great instructor across all disciplines, as well as a VHF (SRC) Instructor and Chief Instructor for Powerboats.


Simon Coppens

Cruising Instructor

Coming from a family of sailors, Simon was initiated into sailing from his earliest childhood. He had the opportunity to travel the world and to sail in the most beautiful waters of our planet, from Polynesia to Thailand and beyond the Arctic Circle and the Norwegian fjords. 

Simon will be eager to share with you his passion for sailing and make you discover Tenerife but also the Gomera and the Palma. 


Yachtmaster Offshore, he is the French Touch of our team. His most beautiful reward: the smile of his students.

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If you come to Tenerife, Spain you have

Pablo Porrero

Sustainability & I.T.


Judith Almirón Campbell

Customer Attention


Ovi One & Maria Pia

Hospitality Services

We aim to make your course, holiday or treasure hunt a great experience worth remembering. Since the moment you look up the information and contact us for booking we want to make sure you get the attention you need. Once you decide to join we make sure you get a complete service, providing everything you need for your time with us. From food & drinks to towels & tidy boats, let us take good care of you and don´t hesitate to ask if you need something.

We have plans for 2020 aiming to reduce our environmental impact during the days and weeks of sailing. We focus mainly on reducing the amount of single use plastics and buying local produces that are grown nearby and come in their natural packaging. This helps reduce our waste and support the producers of Tenerife, greatly reducing the distance that food travels. Instead of buying big bottles of water every week, we will aim to use glass bottles that get refilled constantly and are now considering the use of filters on board.

A section about sustainability is currently being planned so that you can see how we intend to contribute to the Sustainable Development Goals of the United Nations. We will focus on local marine wildlife conservation, renewable resources, sustainable food & waste management. We also aim to promote well being and active holidays!

Click here and take a look at the 2030 agenda of the UN and see how you can contribute.

We are constantly wanting to improve and appreciate feedback that can make us better. If you have any ideas of how we can offer better services, information and attention to you please let us know. Your opinion is very valuable for us!

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