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Level 1


Great introduction to navigation and safety awareness for new or inexperienced skippers and crew, and those wanting to refresh their skills.


The syllabus includes lights & signals, buoyage, engine checks, anchoring, weather forecasts, etc.

*All our courses are tought in English.


This is a classroom based course teaching you the theoretical aspects of pilotage, boat handling, seamanship and navigation, rules of the road and meteorology to RYA Day Skipper Theory standard.


Required for completing the Day Skipper Practical Course.

*All our courses are tought in English.

Level 2


The RYA classroom theory for Coastal Skipper and Yachtmaster is an advanced course that teaches you the skills needed for the theoretical aspects of sailing up to RYA Yachtmaster standards,

Required for the RYA Coastal Skipper course & Yachtmaster.

*All our courses are tought in English.

Level 3


After you have achieved your Yachtmaster Offshore certification and if you are interested in oceanic passages, you can take this course. It will teach the necessary skills required for crossing oceans, from global weather seasons to celestial navigation and passage planning

Support Courses


This one day course provides an awareness of:

– The basics of radio operation
– The frequencies (channels) to be used.
– Distress, emergency and medical assistance procedures.
– Making ship to shore telephone calls
– Digital Selective Calling (DSC) using simulators
– Global Maritime Distress and Safety Systems (GMDSS)
– Emergency Position Indicating Radio Beacon (EPIRB)
– Automatic Identification System (AIS)
– Search and Rescue (SART)

*Notes: If you own or wish to operate a marine radio you are required by law to hold an operators licence.

Support Courses


This one day course provides an awareness of:

  • Preparation for sea survival

  • Lifejackets and life rafts

  • Principles of Survival

  • Survival craft ailments, and raft management

  • Search and rescue

  • Liferafts

*Notes: It is a well proven fact that in the event of an emergency at sea people who have received training are more likely to survive.

Support Courses


This one day course provides an awareness of:

– Resuscitation
– Control of bleeding
– Treatment of an unconscious casualty
– Recognition and treatment of hypothermia and other threats.

*Notes: In a medical emergency a little first aid knowledge and immediate action can save lives, especially in remote locations. This one day course is designed to provide a working knowledge of first aid for people using small craft, and to support skippers of yachts and motor vessels.

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