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Akilina following us into Marina La Gome

We are an independent RYA Training Center offering yachting courses and vacations all year round.

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We know the difficulties one may encounter when there's a desire to go sailing, because we have gone through that... It is expensive, it can be dangerous, you probably have to go somewhere else to try it, you need time, a seaworthy yacht, a skipper, etc. This can be very stressful indeed.

Some of the available services around are incomplete, unsustainable and systematic. Many providers do not consider local communities, neither do they offer authentic activities that improve our well-being.

Club Yachting exists because of the passion we have for sailing, it's a young company that wants to innovate with one purpose in mind... To offer quality training and accessible services that allow you to connect with the environment and wildlife, the local culture and destinations. We want to do good in the place we operate and provide you with the opportunity to experience sailing in the Canary Islands in an alternative way.

We value our human relations with customers, locals and business partners. Sharing our appreciation for this amazing archipelago surrounded by Atlantic Ocean and inhabited by friendly citizens.

Tenerife is the base of our operations, with good infrastructure and excellent sailing conditions it's the perfect place for you to do some training courses and the best host for next vacations on board!


Club Yachting recently reinvented itself with a change in management. With a new identity, based in a passion for sailing and love for the sea. We are sailors and understand how difficult it can be to jump on board. Once on board we recognize the importance of good training to stay safe at sea and friendliness to enjoy it! All of this while protecting our office, the ocean!

Welcome to Club Yachting 2.0, welcome on board!



Our mission is to make it more accessible for aspiring sailors to enjoy sailing and learn the ropes with hands-on experience. To provide high quality training in a safe and friendly environment to those who wish to learn, while experiencing living on board and sailing to new destinations. At the same time, we aim to make your dream sailing vacation affordable and simple, staying safe with our qualified skippers / hosts. As well as to care for the environment & local communities wherever we sail to.



We aim to innovate in the yachting industry, as to make its services more affordable, sustainable & customized for your needs. We want to provide interested groups the opportunity to realize their dream of sailing and to learn about the connection we have with the ocean and the importance of protecting it. We want to create disruptive packages that combine sailing with other outdoors and cultural activities. 


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