Module 3 Plus – Yachtmaster Offshore

If you have sailed over 2500nm, and have also been skipper of the yacht for a few passages of over 60nm you may be ready for RYA / MCA Yachtmaster Offshore. Have a look at our skills page for further information.

We have a few options for module 3 plus:

Skills PLUS Preparation

Week 1 – Boat Handling. It can seem like a bit of a dark art to some of us, and at times it can get pretty fraught if you don't know what you're doing!. With this course you will: learn, improve and practice the skills you will be required to demonstrate at Yachtmaster Offshore Level. Most subjects will not be new to you, but we will teach ways of “handling your yacht with flair” as Andy Williams would say!

During the week you get lots of opportunity to: sail in confined areas, pick up a mooring buoy, anchor under sail and learn about pivot points, windage and slide! There will also be time to practice: stern to, alongside and other mooring techniques - as well as learn about the effects of prop walk, and rudders.

On the "middle Friday" you will get the chance to start your passage plan for the Examiner to review.

Theory PLUS Preparation

Week 1 – Yachtmaster Theory. During the week you will refresh your theory including:

  • plotting your position;
  • tidal streams;
  • estimating position;
  • course to steer;
  • tides and secondary ports;
  • tidal heights;
  • IRPCS and buoyage;
  • meteorology;
  • electronic navigation including chart plotters, GPS and RADAR;
  • stability.

You will also have time to prepare the passage plan for the Examiner to review during the Yachtmaster exam - leaving more time for practical skills during the second week.

Week 2 – Yachtmaster Preparation and Exam.

During your second week we will spend the first 4 days polishing the things you will need to demonstrate during your Yachtmaster Coastal or Offshore exam. Subjects include:

  • International Regulations for Preventing of Collissions at Sea (IRPCS) – lights, sound signals and rules of the road;
  • Safety;
  • Boat Handling – (just what you have learnt during week 1 if you chose the skills option);
  • General seamanship and maintenance – if you wish to do an optional diesel engine course on the Friday this is available;
  • Skipper responsibilities – including communication, preparing the yacht, heavy weather, emergencies, etc.;
  • Navigation – chartwork, pilotage and passage planning;
  • Meteorology;
  • finish preparing your passage plan for the Examiner to review (note this will be finished during week 1 if you chose the theory option for week 1)

You will also need a current VHF (SRC) and First Aid certificate – both of these are available from Club Yachting.