Yachtmaster Fast Track

Whether you are looking for Yachtmaster for sail, Club Yachting offers a unique fastrack programme based on a modular approach.  During your enquiry stage we assess with you how much sailing you have done (and how many miles) to ensure that we fit you in on the appropriate Fast Track Module

Yachtmaster Sail – Modular Fast Track

Each year we run a number of Fast Track modules for sail which start every other week in the winter months, and every 4 weeks in the summer - so can find a programme that fits in with your availability.

Unlike other schools we don't have a dedicated yachtmaster fast track boat so you don't have to worry about spending the next 14 weeks confined on a boat with the same sailors all at the same level as you. You will get the opportunity to sail all our yachts with lots of different people - some doing Competent Crew and some doing Coastal Skipper. Its harder work for the instructor but means that you have a Competent Crew around when its your turn to be skipper of the day. Another advantage is you have other fast track students around who are at different levels - so there is always someone around to talk to who has probably had the same challenges as you with man over board or sailing off a pontoon.  When you get to the two weeks or so before your yachtmaster exam we do promise that you will only have people of your ability on board (either doing the exam with you or crewing as they are doing the Yachtmaster exam in two weeks time).

If you have just a few weeks to spare we are happy for you to join us just for one Module at a time (a lot of clients join us for a module each summer) or have a sabbatical and join us for the 13 weeks.

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