Online Courses

RYA Interactive courses can be taken anytime, anywhere and at your own speed. All you need is a computer and the internet.

Top 10 reasons to take the online course

1. Flexibility - anytime, anywhere, at your own speed
2. Suitable for all - new crews through to budding skippers
3. Safety Essentials - all the essential knowledge for going afloat
4. Simplicity - easy to use, interactive and full of great graphics
5. Supporting your knowledge - an ideal accompaniment to your practical course
6. Stepping stone - a great starting point for more advanced courses
7. Real skills - use real skills alongside online technology
8. Best advice - written by top RYA instructors, created by award winning designers
9. Learn it, try it, test it - practice what you’ve learnt before taking the test
10. Be part of it - the RYA’s 1st fully interactive online course