Sailing holiday packing list

It's always difficult to decide what to bring on a sailing holiday - whether it is an RYA course, flotilla or a longer term adventure like a Yachtmaster Fast Track programme.

Listed below are Andy's top tips:

The essential boring bits

  • a soft sided sailing bag is best as it will fold away into a small space in your cabin
  • passport (or national ID card) - don't forget to check its in date
  • flight tickets - if you haven't booked you flight yet we suggest sky scanner for ideas - we are just 15 minutes away from Tenerife South (TFS) and about 1.5 hours by public transport from Tenerife North (TFN)
  • Club Yachting's joining instructions and other downloads
  • Travel insurance – While our boats are insured we do ask you to have your own Travel Insurance and suggest Top Sail if you live in an EU country
  • UK passport sized photograph if taking an RYA course (if you do not have time to get a photo we can take it for you in our Club House)

Boaty bits

  • RYA log book - great for recording those miles, or checking on the course syllabus. If you haven't got one you can either buy one from us on arrival or the RYA Shop
  • Hat & sunglasses with a strap
  • Sailing gloves - if you can't find them we do have them for sale in the Club House
  • shorts & t-shirts
  • longer sleeves for cooler evenings or when sailing late (day time temperatures are in the high 20's in July and the low 20's in January, night time in January is about 18 degrees)
  • non-marking soled shoes - Andy loves crocs, but trainers (or deck shoes but don't buy them specially!) are fine

Toiletries and medicines

  • Sun protection – Sun glasses, sun hat and non oily sun cream (without carotene) are a definite must!
  • wash bag - but you can buy shampoo, shower gel etc in Las Galletas if you wish to fly with hand luggage only
  • Medication – If you are taking any medication please remember to bring them with you, and also advise your Instructor on commencement of the course.
  • Health care – Health care in the Canary Islands is good, but it is a good idea to go on line for your EHIC card or collect a form from your local post office. Other European nationalities can get information from the European Commission
  • Seasickness - It is advisable to bring with you a seasickness remedy if you have suffered in the past. There is a local chemist in the town of Las Galletas – ask your Instructor where it is at the Friday night drink.

Techy bits

  • mobile phone (save our number +34 676 496 091 so you can send us an SMS when in the taxi on your way to the marina)
  • waterproof case for the phone
  • 12v charger - there is a 12v USB socket on board all our boats that works in the marina or underway
  • 240v spanish style charger for non-USB phones
  • camera (also memory card and charger) for those dolphin pictures
  • iPod or iPhone (so you can plug it into the radio on board)

You DON’T need to bring

  • sleeping bag - we supply proper bedding: duvets, sheets, pillows and towels
  • waterproof jacket - we lend you one to keep the sea spray off
  • hairdryers or straighteners
  • dark soled shoes, or those with heels
  • too many clothes - try for hand luggage only!
  • warm sunshine - we have loads to spare