Sail Training

We run our RYA sailing courses every week of the year in the warm sunshine of the Canary Islands. Courses include:

  • Competent Crew – if you are completely new to sailing, or would like to know what to do as crew this is the perfect course for you. Unlike other schools we do putCompetent Crew and Day Skipper courses on the same boat as each other;
  • Day Skipper Practical  - our 6 day tidal courses are designed for those who would like to skipper a boat for the first time on flotilla or charter, or are buying a yacht of their own. The RYA recommends 5 days so our extra day means plenty of time to consolidate what has been learnt;
  • Coastal Skipper Practical – perfect for those sailors who have been skippering for a while and would like to improve their skills. At the end of the tidal course you will have the experience to take a sailing yacht into unfamiliar areas during the day and at night. Please remember a knowledge of theory to Yachtmaster level is required.

We run lots of other "non RYA" sailing courses so if you just want to go sailing, or wish to do something different try one of our:

  • Cruises - visit other islands in the Canaries, Baltic or Mediterranean France;
  • Milebuilding weeks (available in the Canaries all year around, and Western Mediterranean in the summer months);
  • Boat Handling;
  • Just Sailing etc.
If you wish to sail with us for more than a week (great opportunity to enjoy the Canary Islands great weather and year around warm sunshine (temperatures in the day vary between the low 20's in the winter and high 20's in the summer) then we also offer modules from 2 weeks, 4 and 5 weeks up to to 14 (for beginner to Yachtmaster Offshore).

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