RYA Essential Navigation and Safety

The essential navigation and safety course is perfect for those sailors who are new to sailing and thinking of doing the Competent Crew, Helmsman or Powerboat Level 2 course.

The on line course takes about 6 to 10 hours to complete and is designed by the RYA to be a fun and interactive way of learning.  Its computer based and works on a PC or Mac (sorry not iPad) – have a look at the following video for some more information:

Course contents

Essential knowledge needed as a new crew member to understand navigation and safety awareness, including:

  • Charts & publications – what you should have on board and how to use them
  • Safety – what’s required and how to check it
  • Engine checks – making sure it works
  • Tidal awareness – have I got enough water to not run aground?
  • Visual & electronic navigation
  • Pilotage – getting in or out of a harbor or marina
  • Rules of the road – who gives way to whom, what the displayed lights mean
  • Buoyage – what the various marks at sea mean
  • Anchoring – what types of anchor and how to use them
  • Weather forecasts – where to get one, and what it means
  • Passage planning – the plan of sailing from A to B