Cruising Instructor

If you have already gained your RYA / MCA Yachtmaster Offshore and are thinking of a career on the water why don't you become an Instructor?

For Sail you need a Cruising Instructor (Sail) qualification to teach Start Yachting, Competent Crew or Day Skipper (Sail), and for Motor Cruising you need a Cruising Instructor (Motor) qualification to teach Helmsman and Day Skipper. There are other instructor endorsements for shorebased courses.

Once you have been a Cruising Instructor for a few seasons you should consider becoming a Yachtmaster Instructor - which enables you to teach Coastal Skipper or Yachtmaster Preparation. If you would like some refresher training before doing your YMI qualification you can join one of our CI preparation weeks as the skills are the same - you just have to be better at teaching them!

Cruising Instructor Pre-requisites

  • Yachtmaster Offshore
  • current First Aid
  • Passed the Cruising Instructor Knowledge checklist – this is a free on line course – just ask us to sign you up
  • Commercial Endorsement:
  • Current medical (ML5 or ENG1)
  • Sea Survival or STCW95 within the last 5 years
  • Professional Practices and Responsibilities (PPR)

We offer two options for the Cruising Instructor course:

  • One Week – as per the RYA guidelines (note: we offer a theory refresher day on he Saturday to make sure that you are up to speed. The course is 5 days (the first 4 days are with a trainer, and the 5th day is with a moderator)
  • Our unique Three Week Module: Week 1 - Cruising Instructor Course; Week 2 - Continuation Training – upon passing the first week you sail with one of our experienced YMIs who is on hand while you teach your first course with real sailors; Week 3 – You have passed weeks one and two – and now move onto your First Week teaching – but shadowing one of our other school yachts so you are not completely on your own!

The Cruising Instructor training is designed for an Yachtmaster Offshore who wishes to use their qualification to teach Start Yachting, Competent Crew and Day Skipper (sail) or Helmsman and Day Skipper (Motor). The course and moderation day are run by Andy Williams, himself the only Cruising Instructor Assessor Trainer (CIAT) for Sail and Motor based in the Canaries, and a second CIAT.

Throughout your training you will be continually debriefed by your Instructor, and updated on a daily basis on your progress – the good skills and the areas needing improvement. At the end of each week you will be given an action plan to work on.

We actively recruit those who have successfully completed our 3 week module.

Why Club Yachting?:

Our Chief Instructor, Andy Williams, has been teaching from the age of 17 and is one of only 30 RYA Cruising Instructor Assessor Trainers - and the only one for Sail and Motor based in the Canary Islands. For those who were lucky enough to be taught by him as they were working towards their Yachtmaster qualification you will know how much he likes passing on his knowledge and great teaching style.
Andy loves teaching these more advanced courses - which is one of the reasons we run so many (and also the demand from you!).

When may I take the course?

In the winter months we run the course every month. Our next available courses can be seen on our calendar: During the summer months we run the course in June and September - but if you are interested in other dates please contact us for more details.

Recommended pre course reading

RYA Instructor Handbook

RYA Instructor Handbook Designed for Shorebased, Cruising and Yachtmaster Instructors for Sail and Motor.

The book covers:
RYA Instructor Code of Conduct
Coaching and Instructing Techniques
RYA Cruising, Yachtmaster and Instructor Courses
Organising Practical Courses
Qualification of Instructors for Teaching
Shorebased Courses
The Organisation and Conduct of Offshore Exams

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