Powerboat – Level 1

Perfect course for anyone over the age of eight!

This one day course is a great introduction to powerboats and RIBs.

You do not need any previous experience - just want to have fun on the water with one of our experienced Instructors.

(note: we need a parent or guardian on board with those under 16)

Where do we go?

On this one day course you will do a quick safety briefing with your Instructor before going out in the RIB for the day. You will get a chance to drive the boat, and maybe even anchor for lunch.

You will learn preparation of boat and crew, boat handling, picking up and securing to a mooring buoy, and leaving and coming alongside your berth - but the aim of the day is to enjoy yourself!

What’s included?

  • A maximum of three of you with our Instructor (total of 4 on board);
  • Guidance from an experienced Instructor;
  • All mooring fees.

Must bring your own

  • Sun protection – Sun glasses, sun hat and non oily sun cream (without carotene) are a definite must!
  • Medication – If you are taking any medication please advise your Instructor on commencement of the course
  • We suggest a bottle of water as its hot out on the sea!

How hot is it?

The climate in the Canaries is temperate. During the summer it is in the high 20's during the day, and in the winter months low 20's.

What to bring:

You are recommended to bring with you shorts and t-shirts, a jumper/cardigan and possibly long trousers the odd cooler day in the winter months, shoes with non-marking bottoms for use on the boat, and maybe swimwear if you have time to anchor during your passage (check with your instructor). As the boat has limited storage space we suggest a very small waterproof bag or leave your belongings in our classroom.

Notes: We lend you a shower / wind proof jacket (normally only needed for the sea spray). Please give it back to us when your course finishes.

How much does it cost?

Just for you
Cost for one person on our school RIB
One day on the water

Cost for two
price each for 2 people on our school RIB
1 day course

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And for 3
cost per person - perfect for a group on our RIB
one day course

Please note: if an under 16 year old wishes to do the course and the parent or guardian does not wish to (or already have completed it) then the parent or guardian goes free!