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Astro Navigation Made Easy

A bright modern approach to astro navigation. Includes outline of the solar system and position finding.
DVD: Buy Astro Navigation DVD at the RYA Shop

RYA Astro Navigation Handbook – G78

An excellent introduction to Astro navigation covering the basics, accurately using sextants, taking sights, and solar and universal time. It is an ideal book for Yachtmaster Ocean candidates.

Course: Yachtmaster Ocean Theory
Handbook: Buy RYA Astro Navigation Handbook at the RYA Shop

Reeds Astro Navigation Tables – ZR04

An established resource of annual astro-navigational tables for yachtsmen, giving all the information on how to navigate by the sun, moon, planets and stars. This book together with a sextant, will enable sailors to navigate confidently and safely when out of sight of land.

Course: Combined Yachtmaster Ocean Theory & Passage
Book: Buy Reeds Astro Navigation Tables 2011 at the RYA Shop

Astra Sextant Allview & Light Delux – ASA

Made from corrosion resistant lightweight aluminum alloy and complete with “a whole horizon mirror” this sextant also has an LED on the arc and drum.

Considered one of the easiest sextant’s to use with an index mirror similar in shape and size as much more expensive variants.

Course: Yachtmaster Ocean Passage
Book: Buy Astra Sextant Allview & Light Dulux at the RYA Shop

Competent Crew Practical Course Notes – CCPCN

RYA companion for the Competent crew Course. Great reading for anyone with limited yachting experience.

Course: Competent Crew (Sail)
Book: Buy RYA Competent Crew at the RYA Shop

Competent Crew – ZC17

For new crew and Competent Crew students.
Book: Buy Competent Crew at the RYA Shop

Day Skipper Practical Course Notes – DSPCN

Companion for the Day Skipper Practical course. Guidance on how to take charge of a yacht for a short passage. Includes planning, crew briefing, safety, boat handling, navigation, etc.

Course: Day Skipper Practical (sail)
Book: Buy RYA Day Skipper Practical Course Notes at the RYA Shop

RYA Cruising Instructor’s Handbook – G27

Guidance for Instructors and RYA Training Centres.

Course: Cruising Instructor
Handbook: Buy RYA Cruising Instructor’s Handbook at the RYA Shop

Yachtmaster Quiz Book – G79

All the Yachtmaster Quiz questions that have appeared in the RYA magazine since 1999 in one place.

If you’re testing your knowledge for a course, or merely wanting to learn a bit more or refresh your knowledge, this is the ideal book for you.

Course: Yachtmaster Coastal (Motor)
Book: Buy RYA Yachtmaster Quiz Book at the RYA Shop

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