New rules for ICC – RYA now issues to Spanish and Russian Citizens

What is the International Certificate of Competence (ICC)?

The International Certificate for Operators of Pleasure Craft (commonly referred to as the International Certificate of Competence – ICC) was originally created by the UN to facilitate pleasure navigation along the length of the rivers Rhine and Danube.

The evidence of competence required, differed for each of the countries the rivers pass through, which caused difficulties. The United Nations Economic Commission for Europe (UNECE) Inland Transport Committee Working Party on Inland Water Transport sought to find a solution. Most countries signed up to this which became known as Resolution 14. For more details click here

The latest version is Resolution 40, but only some countries have signed up to it: Austria, Belarus, Belgium, Bulgaria, Croatia, Czech Republic, Finland, Germany, Hungary, Ireland, Latvia, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Norway, Romania, Slovakia, Switzerland

The RYA is the official governing body to issue the International Certificate of Competence (ICC) to citizens of the UK, and since 30th December 2014 they are allowed to issue the ICC to citizens of the all countries that have NOT signed article 40 – this includes: Russia, Spain, Italy and Portugal.

What does it mean for me?

The RYA is the only governing body authorised to issue the ICC on behalf of the MCA – and they have been authorised to issue the ICC – which allows Club Yachting to issue the ICC to any country that has NOT adopted Resolution 40. This means that anyone living in, for example, Spain or Russia can obtain the ICC through the RYA – contact us for more details.

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