Motor Cruising

The RYA Motor Cruising Scheme (sometimes called Power courses) is for yachts that are usually greater than 10m long and have sleeping accommodation and cooking facilities on board. They have shaft drives and usually two engines.  If the boat you have is less than 10m long and has its engine either mounted on the back (like our RIB), or has an out-drives that moves then  you need a Powerboat Course - if you are unsure contact us for more details. We have two motor yachts: a Sealine S42 (usually used for skippered charter) and an Island Gypsy 40 (usually used for teaching RYA courses).

Andy has driven motor yachts ranging from 10m up to 24m and beyond and is ideally placed to teach at all levels. The rest of the team are also available to teach the all important Helmsman and Day Skipper courses that enable you to take a motor yacht out on your own.

Located further south than any other RYA motor school in Europe we are ideally situated to offer Motor courses all the year around.

For further details please select the appropriate motor cruising course:

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