Learn to sail over the summer!

Beginner to Day Skipper in 3 weeks

Thinking of what to do during the summer holiday break? If you are age 16 and older (perfect for A-level and University students) the why not join us for 2 or 3 weeks and get your RYA Day Skipper licence?

(Note: We do take people under 16t but ask that you come with your parents of guardians).

If you select the 2 weeks of sailing we will send you the information to study the theory before you join us (don't worry its not that bad just enough to enable you to navigate safely), or join us for 3 weeks and do the theory in our classroom with 2 weeks of sailing.

What’s covered?

During the first week of sailing you will do the RYA Competent Crew course. During the second week you will do the theory course (or you do his on line at home if you choose the two week option). In your last week you will do the RYA Day Skipper course.

Also included during the course is your VHF (SRC) course so you can operate the radio on the yacht!

Why should I do it?


  • Great fun!
  • A driving licence for sailing boats of up to 24m
  • Looks great on the CV
  • Shows you can manage people (as a Day Skipper you have to organise your crew on short passages)

And lastly you get a great tan!

What’s included

We include the following on our courses:

  • 6 days tuition per week
  • VHF (SRC) course
  • Accommodation all the way through
  • breakfast and lunch, and evening meals when sailing late,
  • bedding (duvets, sheets and 2 pillows and towels per person)
  • fuel, mooring fees, etc.

We don't include evening meals ashore (budget for £10 a night), travel insurance or flight costs (but have a look at www.skyscanner.net for ideas). The VHF(SRC) licence is not included (payable to the UK government (costs £60).

How much does the Combined Sailing cost?

Its not as expensive as you think:

  • 3 week Combined Beginner to Day Skipper course costs £1600
  • 2 week Beginner to Day Skipper with On-Line Theory costs £1350.

If you fancy something slightly different

We also offer:

  • 2 day RYA Powerboat Level 2 courses (for the International Powerboat licence) - for exhilarating fun on the water Cost €250 (per person with 3 persons), €300 (per person with 2 person) or €400 (1 person)
  • Our Combined RYA Day Skipper Motor course - 10 days on a 14m Motor yacht including accommodation and fuel to gain your RYA Day Skipper Motor licence - Cost £1000 per person for the 10 days

Like the sailing courses fuel is included (and accommodation, breakfast and lunch etc) on the Motor boat courses)

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