Just Cruising or Milebuilding – the choice is yours

Just Cruising - Sailing Yacht
Usually shorter trips - and in a marina, harbour or anchorage overnight
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Milebuilding - Sailing Yacht
longer distance passages - and sometimes overnight passage
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At Club Yachting we believe in offering choices:

  • Cruising:
  1. Canary Islands
  2. Baltic Sea
  3. Corsica, Sardinia, Italy and France
  • Milebuilding on a Sailing Yacht – longer passages (great for exploring further afield, lots of sailing or those 60nm passages for Yachtmaster Offshore (Sail):
  1. Canary Islands
  2. Germany to Holland
  3. Holland to Channel Islands
  4. Spain, Moroccan Coast, Canary Islands
  • Milebuilding on a Motor Yacht – great for converting Yachtmaster Sail to Yachtmaster Motor, or adding tidal miles for Yachtmaster Offshore (Motor)
  1. Alicante to Tenerife
  2. Canary Islands
  3. Barcelona to Alicante

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Note: bedding and wet weather jackets are not provided apart from in the Canary Islands