RYA Helmsman Course Prices

RYA Helmsman course
Duration 2 days / 3 nights
max 4 on board
Perfect weekend course
Helmsman Masterclass
Duration 4 days / 5 nights
max 3 on board
Helmsman + Day Skipper
Duration 6 days / 7 nights
or Helmsman over 6 days
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RYA Helmsman course

This is a stand alone course, where you will:

  • have 2 days tuition
  • sleep on board for 3 nights (no extra accommodation costs)
  • bedding etc is included so you can fly with hand luggage to make the most of your time with us
  • on completion of the course you will be awarded the RYA Helmsman certificate

RYA Helmsman Masterclass

This course is slightly different:

  • you have 4 days tuition
  • the course can be combined with a friend or partner doing the RYA Day Skipper Motor course
  • sleep on board for 4 nights (no extra accommodation costs)
  • on completion of the course you will be awarded the RYA Helmsman certificate
  • maximum of 3 persons on board

Combined RYA Helmsman & Day Skipper

This course offers:

  • 6 days tuition (rather than the RYA minimum 5 days)
  • takes a complete beginner through the skills required for the Day Skipper licence
  • is valid all over the world as its tidal
  • can be combined with a partner doing an extended helmsman course
The course is normally run on weekends (fly our Friday and return either late Sunday, or Monday morning)
With this course you fly out on a Friday and back on either Tuesday evening or Wednesday morning
We ask you to arrive and depart on Fridays for this course

No hidden extras

No one likes extras so our motor yacht prices include fuel and accommodation either on board or locally.