Why not go on a couples sailing holiday?

If you have always fancied: learning to sail; it is on your bucket list; or you just would like to soak up the sun but doing something more adventurous than sitting on a beach - then this is the week for you!

Both you and your partner can join us on a learn to sail holiday, or if one of you has more experience that's OK to!

Sailing is great fun, and under the guidance of an experienced RYA instructor easy to achieve.

It’s not as expensive as you might think!

The cost of a cabin for the two of you on board one of our 12m yachts works out at £585 per person - and this includes:

  • 7 nights accommodation
  • 6 days sailing
  • breakfast and lunch on board
  • an experienced instructor
  • your own UK life jacket
  • fuel and mooring fees
  • sunshine
  • great memories

All you need to get are:

  • flights (try www.skyscanner.net for ideas)
  • transfers
  • evening meals ashore (typically allow E15 per person)
Great Sailing Canary Islands

Spend time together

Being on a sailing yacht is a great way to enjoy new experiences, whilst spending time together. If you are not the couple who like to sit and read on a beach but wish to learn new things, whilst soaking up the sun then this is perfect for you.

With ever changing views, temperatures in the high 20's and great company it's fun to.

One of the nicest streets in the Canary Islands - Santa Cruz de La Palma

A boat to yourself or sharing?

If you would like the complete yacht to yourselves with your instructor to guide you we would be delighted to offer it to you for £2000 for the week - or if you fancy meeting like minded couples and don't mind sharing with another couple that's OK to.

Better than lying on the beach!

If you fancy something more active than just lying on the beach, and are easily bored then sailing is a great way to relax and recharge the batteries whilst enjoying learning something new.

You will have plenty of time to explore, as well as enjoy sailing to a new bay for lunch - and even time to swim with turtles!

Great food

We base our weeks off the beaten tracks so you get the opportunity to eat in local restaurants which the Canarian's frequent. With local fish that was in the ocean the night before, steak from Venezuela or Argentina and fresh salads there is something for everyone.

Summer sailing holidays

If you think there is no better way than to spend the summer sailing on blue seas whilst watching dolphins, whales and turtles - then come and sail in the Canaries!

We offer great weekly packages that are ideal for the family, or a group of friends on one of our 12m yachts. With three comfortable double cabins, an upgraded shower and large cockpit you have plenty of room.

Based in a small fishing town there is plenty to watch, great fish restaurants ashore and are well away from the tourist destinations so can offer great peace and quiet (but only a short bus ride away if you want to explore in the evenings).

Great Sailing Canary Islands
dolphins joining a winter sail

About the week

You would join us on the Friday (flying into Tenerife South airport) and be on board the back of your yacht by 17:00. We provide:

  • 7 nights accommodation
  • 6 full days sailing
  • bedding (duvets, freshly laundered sheets, 2 towels and 2 pillows per person)
  • breakfast and lunch
  • evening meals when sailing after 20:00
  • fuel
  • mooring fees
  • and if you complete a course we include the course completion certificate

Ten days and two weeks are also available

If you feel a week isn't long enough we also offer the option to extend the week (arrive Friday and sail for 9 days, leaving on the Monday) or for two weeks (sailing to Lanzarote, Furterventura, La Gomera or La Palma depending on you and the wind direction).
Family sailing holidays on board one of our 12m yachts

Why join us?

It's fun, safe (you have an experienced RYA instructor on board), suitable for all ages - and you can choose between soaking up the sun, gentle sails or be more adventurous.

The cost for up to 5 persons for the complete yacht to yourselves is only £2000 for the 7 days - great value with guaranteed sunshine!

So if a family sailing holiday interests you please get in touch for more details.

Special bank holiday offers for sailing courses and flights!

Great sailing…

Tenerife is a perfect location for your RYA Day Skipper course and with our bank holiday £50 off discount what are you waiting for?

With great warm sunshine (and temperatures in the high 20's), blue seas, and six day courses its a perfect location for a spring break.

We provide: bedding (duvets, sheets, pillows and towels) so you can fly with hand luggage only; six full days training; your own cabin so you don't have to share; breakfast and lunch; evening meals when sailing after 20:00; fuel and mooring fees.

and with cheap flights!

With lots of cheap flights to the Canaries what are you waiting for - and with the latest Thomson offer code of HOT40 get great discounts as well!

dolphins joining a winter sail

Thinking of chartering a sailing yacht this summer?

What is a Day Skipper?

The RYA's Day Skipper Practical course is perfect for those sailors who wish to charter a yacht whether it be in Greece, Turkey or Croatia - or even in the Solent!

Club Yachting runs the Day Skipper Practical course every week of the year on our range of 12m yachts so there is still some time to catch some of our great sunshine over the next few months while you are waiting for the Mediterranean to warm up.

Day Skipper Practical course

What to know more?

Then have a look at the pages on our website or why not read the RYA's Day Skipper article - but please remember that with Club Yachting you get an extra day for both your theory and practical courses so you do not need to rush your learning.

RYA Day Skipper Theory courses

What’s new?

The RYA launched a brand new Day Skipper Theory course in January 2017. More focused towards what you need to know for a practical Day Skipper course whether it be Motor or Sail.

The course is a comprehensive introduction to navigation, making sure that you don't run aground in shallow waters, rules of the road (who gives way to whom at sea), what all those lights mean, and of course safety.

What’s included

Unlike most schools we include:

  • 6 full days (the RYA recommends 5 days) to ensure that you have time to practise and understand
  • your own plotter and dividers - to take home with you afterwards
  • charts
  • Day Skipper Shorebased course notes
  • course material specially written by the RYA
  • RYA Electronic Chart Plotter - to give you a taste of the real thing!

We also include:

  • accommodation for 7 nights
  • breakfast and lunch
  • a discount off your practical course

Further details

If you would like to know more have a look at our website, our email us for further details.

Day Skipper Theory

Sailing in the Canary Islands

What’s the weather like?

It a perfect location for great sailing. In the winter months day time temperatures are in the low 20's, rising to the high 20's in July and August.

With its low humidity, neither to hot or cold as well as the north easterly trade winds we can offer some great atlantic sailing.

Great Sailing Canary Islands

The Canary Islands are not known as the land of eternal spring for nothing!

Great wildlife too!

More than a third of dolphin and whale either live in the Canarian waters, or pass through during the year. Resident are pilot whales, rise dolphins, bottle nose dolphins and sperm whales.

With pilot whales basking off Los Christians, dolphins joining our yachts to play and turtles swimming in El Pris while we anchor for lunch you will definitely see some great sea life during your sailing experience.

dolphins joining a winter sail

Sailing, motor cruising, power boating – the choice is yours

We offer the RYA Competent Crew, Day Skipper, Day Skipper Plus and Coastal Skipper courses on our sailing yachts every week of the year. Coastal Skipper Plus and Yachtmaster Preparation and exams are available every other week; and mile building twice a month so we certainly can fit in with you sailing needs.

Motor boat and powerboat courses are available on demand and are run at least 3 times a month - just email us for more details.

A group of friends enjoying doing a Day Skipper course with Annie

Don't just take our word for it - have a look at this great Yachting Monthly article.

The essence of seamanship

What is good seamanship?

The first reference to seamanship was in about 1760 and it was defined as the "knowledge and skill pertaining to the operation, navigation, management, safety, and maintenance of a ship".

Tom Cunliffe describes seamanship in his book as making sailing look easy - which leads nicely into my definition of "having the skills and knowledge and applying them to make an informed decision".

During your sail training courses like the RYA Day Skipper and RYA Coastal Skipper, and the Club Yachting courses I introduced Day Skipper Plus (bridging the gap between Day Skipper and Coastal Skipper; and Coastal Skipper Plus (which takes your skills level from the Coastal Skipper towards Yachtmaster Offshore) you will learn the skills to complete the courses and acquire knowledge.

A whichever level you are at, and whatever your goals, everyone likes to make what they do look easy. This is seamanship - the applications of your skills and knowledge by understanding your boat, how she manoeuvres in harbour and sails at sea.

I suggest reading the Tom Cunliffe book - its full of useful information to help you gain more understanding of seamanship and looking good.

There are also some great articles on seamanship in Cruising World which contain lots of useful information.

To have good seamanship you also need to take care of your environment - taking care what you dispose of overboard. Guidance on this can be found on the Green Blue website - an RYA initiative in conjunction with British marine industries.

Yachtmaster Pro (Sail)

Thinking about Yachtmaster?

If you are thinking about taking your RYA / MCA Yachtmaster Coastal or Yachtmaster Offshore Certificate of Competence we have a number of options to suit all sailors:

  • Yachtmaster Offshore - over one week you join us to polish existing skills over 4 days and then take the exam with an independent MCA examiner
  • Yachtmaster Pro (Theory) - a two week module designed to help you refresh your theory skills to Yachtmaster Theory level followed by the Yachtmaster Offshore preparation week
  • Yachtmaster Pro (Practical) - a two week module where you take our Coastal Skipper Plus course during the first week followed by the Yachtmaster Offshore preparation week

Also available is a 3 week module with Yachtmaster Theory, Coastal Skipper Plus, and Yachtmaster Preparation and exam.

For more details see our Yachtmaster Pro module

Milebuilding in style – one way trips from Tenerife to Lanzarote and back

New mile building options

We are very excited to announce that, in collaboration with very experienced RYA Sailing School - Endeavour Sailing, we are offering one way mile building trips from Tenerife to Lanzarote, the chance to join in one of Endeavour's miles and skills weeks sailing around the islands of Lanzarote and La Graciosa, with the return trip to Tenerife on the third week.

We would be delighted if you joined us for one, two or all three weeks - the choice is yours.

On board your skipper will be an experienced RYA Instructor, who will be delighted to teach and guide while you are enjoying the great Canarian climate.

Which boat?

The boat is our Beneteau First 50 - with just three cabins, and plenty of space on board as well as that luxurious forepeak.

With her 15m length and greater speed, she is perfect for covering those miles in style, and giving some great sailing in the atlantic waters of the Canaries.

So if you fancy learning to sail a larger yacht these are the passages for you!

Longer distance passages – Tenerife to Lanzarote & Lanzarote to Tenerife

These longer distance trips are not non-stop mile-building voyages. Due to the more relaxed timescales you will have the opportunity to maybe explore La Palma or Gran Canaria (depending on which way the wind is blowing), before sailing around Lanzarote to Puerta Colero.

On the return sail you will have time to stop and explore Fuerteventura and Gran Canaria en route to Las Galletas.

Miles and skills around Lanzarote

Following Endeavour Sailing's popular itinerary you will cover about 150nm during your week exploring the delights of Lanzarote and the adjacent island of La Graciosa.

The week is a perfect way to enjoy sailing, exploring the Canaries and just perfect for those who do not want to do an RYA course.

The unique island of Lanzarote is a UNESCO Biosphere Reserve site due mainly to César Manrique; while the adjacent unspoilt island of La Graciosa, with its small population of some 500 people is a stunning delight od sand and volcanic cones - it is our favourite of all the Canary Islands!

With lots of small marinas and anchorages that are just short distances apart (see the map), you will have a great week exploring whilst enjoying some great sailing.

Dates Available

We run these weeks every other month and currently have the following dates scheduled:

  • 27th January to 5th February – Tenerife to Lanzarote
  • 5th to 11th February – Sail around Lanzarote & La Graciosa
  • 11th to 17th February - Lanzarote to Tenerife

and also:

  • 24th March to 2nd April – Tenerife to Lanzarote
  • 2nd to 8th April – Sail in tandem with you around the island venture
  • 8th to 14th April - Lanzarote to Tenerife

Please note:

  • More dates available on request!
  • Each week can be booked separately (though we would love for you to join us for more than one week!)

What’s included:

  • Breakfast and lunch, as well as evening meals when sailing after 20:00
  • mooring fees and fuel
  • an experienced RYA School Instructor
  • bedding (duvets, sheets, pillows and towels), changed every week
  • Canarian warm sunshine

How much does it cost?

Sailing on the First 50
850 each
Longer distance sailing around the Canaries
Tenerife to Lanzarote (& back) - great passages; Lanzarote & La Graciosa - shorter miles around the islands

Yachtmaster Sail Module 2 – miles, skills & racing in the Mediteranean

The leap from Day Skipper

It is a big jump to take your Day Skipper and gain more experience to be ready to take a yacht out on your own as skipper.

Maybe you would like to learn to sail a larger yacht, gain confidence or explore new areas? This four week module is also prefect as a substitute for our Module 2 in Tenerife.

If you can not spare four weeks you can join us for either the mile building / passage making cruise; or for the race training and Rolex race week.

What’s available?

We have a number of options available for 2017 the first being from Gibraltar to Marseille and the Rolex Giraglia Cup - 20th May to 18th June

Gibraltar to Marseille via the Balearics

Fancy something different in the way of mile building?

Join us on 20th May on board our Hanse 540 and sail from Gibraltar via Cueta on the Moroccan coast, Spain and the Balearics to France and your destination of Marseille ready for the Rolex race.

You will get the chance to be "skipper of the day" under the guidance of Andy, as well as enjoying some great sailing and beautiful scenery.

Giraglia Rolex Cup

We are once again racing in the Giraglia Rolex Cup – and Andy can’t wait. We start in Marseille and race via St Tropez to Genoa.

This year we are also taking part in the feeder race from Marseille so it over a week of racing:

  • 6th June arrival
  • 7th to 8th June race and skills training (optional arrival on 8th June if you are short of holiday time)
  • 9th and 10th June – race from Marseille to St Tropez
  • 11th to 13th June – inshore races around the bay of St Tropez (windward-leeward or triangle courses in the bay of Saint Tropez and inshore courses with a maximum length of 35 miles)
  • 13th June – Rolex crew party (ticket only event)
  • 14th to 16th June – race from St Tropez around the Giraglia Rock (Corsica) to Genoa in Italy
  • 17th June – prize giving and party in Genoa
  • 18th June – depart

Further details are on the Yacht Club Italiano website