RYA / MCA Yachtmaster

What is the RYA / MCA Yachtmaster qualification?

The RYA / MCA Yachtmaster Certificate of Competence is the ultimate aim for aspiring skippers. It proves your competence and experience as a captain, and is the most widely known and accepted qualification in the world. For more information on the RYA see our article on the RYA Scheme

The MCA has also set it as the pre-requisite for the Master of Yachts and Office of the Watch qualifications taking you from 200gt to 3000gt.

The qualification can also be commercially endorsed

Why do your Yachtmaster qualification with Club Yachting?

We have the experience! Club Yachting is the only school in the Canaries that offers Yachtmaster Preparation weeks for the RYA / MCA Yachtmaster Offshore and Yachtmaster Coastal Certificates of Competence for both sail and motor, as well as the MCA Advanced Powerboat Certificate of Competence.

All the Yachtmaster and Advanced Powerboat Certificates of Competence are run under the watchful eye of Andrew Williams - himself an RYA and MCA Examiner for Sail, Motor and Powerboat.

When are the courses run?

Club Yachting run the

  • Yachtmaster Sail preparation weeks every other week in the winter months, and at least every 4 weeks in the summer
  • Yachtmaster Motor preparation is run every 4 weeks throughout the year
  • Advanced Powerboat CoC is run on demand

The Yachtmaster Motor also be combined with the Yachtmaster Sail preparation "RYA Yachtmaster Sail & Motor Preparation and MCA Exam".

Joining us on the Friday you will spend the evening getting to know the boat, before polishing your existing skills for 4 days - all under the watchful eye of Andy Williams, himself an MCA Examiner for Sail, Motor and Powerboating.

On the last couple of days of the week you will be examined for the Yachtmaster licence by an MCA appointed examiner.

Yachtmaster Sail Certificate of Competence:

There are two levels of sail examination depending on your experience:

Need a little training before the Yachtmaster Sail Prep week?

If you would like a refresher on your theory (navigation, secondary ports, tides etc) or feel you need to learn a few more advanced sailing skills why not consider one of our modules?:


Choose from:

Yachtmaster Power / Motor Certificate of Competence:

Like the Sail exam CoC the Motor licence is available at two levels:

Extra models are also available for Motor / Power

We also offer bridging courses for Motor if you need extra experience, tidal miles or passages on a yacht of under 24 m:

  • Module 3 Motor - perfect if you have worked in the Mediterranean on a super yacht and need the tidal miles or experience
  • Sail to Motor conversion - 4 weeks to convert your Yachtmaster Sail to Yachtmaster Motor

Advanced Powerboat Certificate of Competence

The MCA Advanced Powerboat licence is designed for those Powerboater's who wish to work commercially on a powerboat or sports-boat (usually up to 10m).

We recommend that you complete the RYA Advanced Powerboat course prior to joining us for the 2 days preparation.

Would like to know more about the Yachtmaster exam?

If you would like to know more about the exam have a look at our page Yachtmaster Offshore - what is involved

Commercial endorsement

If you would like to earn money from sailing or motor cruising you will also need a commercial endorsement. To get this you need the following (which are all available through Club Yachting):

  • Sea Survival - a one day course that covers emergency situations including use of the liferaft
  • Professional Practices and Responsibilities (PPR) the on line course covers marine law
  • a current First Aid certificate that is approved by the MCA
  • Food Hygiene certificate (needed if working outside UK territorial waters for Maritime Labour Convention compliance)
  • an approved medical - the ML5 is valid for up to 60nm and lasts 5 years (available through Club Yachting) or the ENG1 (or the seafarers medical for your home country) is valid for further than 60nm offshore and lasts 2 years

Recommended reading

Written by James Stevens (who for many years was the RYA Chief Examiner) the Yachtmaster Handbook is perfect reading before joining us for a preparation week

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