Beginner to RYA Day Skipper Sail

Need a licence to skipper a sailing yacht?

If you need a licence to captain a sailing yacht, and you have limited experience then why not consider a RYA Day Skipper Combined course with Club Yachting?

For those sailors who already have been sailing as an active crew member and have theory knowledge to Day Skipper Theory level have a look at the RYA Day Skipper Practical course week.

What options are available?

At Club Yachting we realise time off to go sailing is limited for some people, and that everyone learns differently, and what suits one person will not suit another. We have a few options that may suit you:

  • Combined Day Skipper (Standard) - beginner to Day Skipper in 21 days (6 days each for Competent Crew, Day Skipper Theory and Day Skipper Practical also includes the RYA VHF (SRC) course)
  • Combined Day Skipper (theory on-line) - join us for 14 days practical and doing your on line Day Skipper theory before you join us

We do not offer a combined course over 9 days like some schools do as we recognise that it may have been a few years since you were in a classroom; and also we want you not just to pass the course - but understand and consolidate your learning as well.

Suggested Reading

A great supporting book available from the RYA shop is the RYA Day Skipper Sail Handbook

If you have already spent a few days on a yacht as an active crew member why not consider our Day Skipper Theory and Practical combination course?

Option 1
On-line theory & Practical sailing
1100 p.p.
Limited time-off option
On line Day Skipper Theory, Competent Crew (6 days), Day Skipper Practical (6 days) on a 12m yacht
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Upgrade your practical weeks and sail in style on our First 50
price per week
90 p.p.
Luxury option
forepeak with ensuite heads and island bed available for a 75€ supplement (per cabin)
3 cabin yacht
comfortable large cabins
plenty of space to relax
two heads
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Combined Day Skipper (12 days of sailing & Theory on-line)

Designed for those sailors who have limited time off but prefer to have the extra time on the water. The course timetable:

  • On line theory before you arrive, in your own time and at your own pace
  • Friday - arrival
  • Saturday to Thursday - Competent Crew over 6 full days
  • Friday - morning to refresh anything from the online course, afternoon theory exams
  • Saturday to Thursday - Day Skipper Practical (tidal) over 6 full days so plenty of time to practise all the skills and have another go if you need to consolidate anything
  • Friday - depart

Combined Day Skipper (our most popular option)

Designed for those sailors who prefer to have the extra time on the water, and study the theory in a classroom environment. The course timetable:

  • Friday - arrival
  • Saturday to Thursday - Competent Crew over 6 full days
  • Friday - VHF (SRC) course (please note the licence fee of £60 is not included and is payable to the RYA)
  • Saturday to Thursday - Week 2 - Day Skipper Theory over 6 full days in our classroom great for those who prefer face to face teaching and like time to consolidate
  • Saturday to Thursday - Week 3 - Day Skipper over 6 full days so plenty of time to practise all the skills
  • Friday - depart
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